Tyre Anti Theft System

Tyre Anti Theft System (Pty) Ltd

Patent Pending 2019/04071

Tyre Anti Theft System
About Us

Colin has a passion for trucks and the industry and has been involved in various aspects of trucking for over 24 years, from being a driver (both in South Africa and the USA) starting with abnormal loads in 1994 and then on to long distance trucking, to preparing loads, loading and receiving of trucks with logistics companies, to installing CTIS.


He has also been in the unfortunate situation of waking up at overnight facilities, only to discover wheels had been taken off (stolen) during the night. “If only I was aware they were busy taking off my tyres...” were words he had often said to himself after such incidents.


Knowing all too well what the impact of stolen wheels has on the driver, transport companies and the industry as a whole (delayed start, unnecessary call out fees and costs of replacement tyres and rims, late loading/delivery times etc.). We at TATS have designed a robust system that informs you of any wheel tampering and attempted tyre theft as it happens, allowing you to react accordingly and putting the power back into your hands.