Tyre Anti Theft System

Tyre Anti Theft System (Pty) Ltd

Patent Pending 2019/04071

Tyre Anti Theft System




  • Alerts driver and company immediately of any tyre tampering

  • Alerts driver and company in real time of any tyre removal

  • No tyre loss therefore no standing time and no breakdown or call out fees
  • No late deliveries due to tyre theft
  • System transferrable, can be refitted to any truck
  • Tamper monitoring designed on all modules
  • Tyre Slave Unit eye will give warning on Vehicle Master Unit if dirty
  • Electronics robustly designed hence no maintenance required, saving money
  • All events (arm, disarm, tyre removal, tamper) logged on secure cloud-based server for audit purposes
  • Peace of mind

Pros of System

TATS Vehicle Master Unit

TATS Tyre Slave Unit with Eye

TATS Trailer Slave Unit with Antenna

Tyre Anti Theft System Vehicle Master Unit
Tyre Anti Theft System Tyre Slave Unit
Tyre Anti Theft System Trailer Slave Unit

System is Armed

Tyre Tampering Detected

Tyre Removal Detected

System is Disarmed

TATS SMS Alerts to three designated cell numbers of client's choosing